Hi there!

Have we met before? I’m Luuk Eerens, a graphic designer from the South of Limburg, the Netherlands. Nice of you to come by, I’ve got some portfolio work I’d like to display – Take a look around!


Take a look at my work below!

About me

I’d describe myself as an allround graphic designer. It is obviously hard to put a label on yourself if you have a quite broad scope of interest like I do – however I do believe a wide spectrum of interests and knowledge is specifically beneficial for the client. I enjoy in designing printmedia, online media, advertesing, illustration, typography and more. Love working in concept design, developing ideas from paper to practise. Online sales platforms like eBay and Amazon are interesting, as they continue to evolve each day. The psychology in how a certain design brings typography, colors and a message together in order to reach a certain audience – it’s what thrives me. And I like to mess around, mostly in Adobe.


Inquiries can be send to info[at]luukeerens.nl