“Only those who attempt the absurd…will achieve the impossible”

– MC Escher

I’m a graphic designer since I was a toddler; instead of colouring within the lines, I’d rather make the lines. Growing up, design & creative has been like a red line through my story still being written. And suddenly, the personal computer appeared, and all was clear. Digital design became my thing. Since then, I’ve written my own scripts, I’ve explored and discovered designer tools at my own, and I am doing my thing.

I am a passionate, creative thinker with a knack for conceptdesign, trends and details. My keywords are pragmatic, innovative, balanced, loyal, reliable, focussed, social, practical, teamplayer and effective. I specialise in conceptdevelopment and realisation, branding, colourcoordination, campaigns, research, e-commerce, social media, online advertising & sales. Due to over 15 years of experience I know how to present yourself into the world.